abas Software AG

abas Installer installs all abas modules. From abas ERP Version 20 abas Installer is used automatically to install the abas Dashboard, the Rest API and the freetext editor.

1. Structure

The abasfile describes the entire abas ERP system which is to be installed. It contains information about which software components are part of the system, how they are configured, on which host they are run and how they are connected. This description allows the abas Installer to check, create, edit and update the actual system. Further general information can be found here.
Further information about the configuration of the individual modules can be found here.

2. Installation

3. Update installed components

The update currently specifically affects the abas dashboard and the components used for this (e.g. Keycloak, web server, etc.). From version 0.12.0, the abas installer provides an automatic update routine.
Go to the update information.

4. abas Installer expansions

5. Error handling