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abas Connect

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System requirements

Version 1.4.0 and higher:

Disk space: 500MB

Memory: 1GB, recommended: 2GB

Can vary based on the amount, size and frequency of data processed with abas Connect.

Operating system: Unix/Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Release notes



  • New route point handler: ListFilterHandler

  • New route point handler: LoggerHandler

  • New Endpoint: Email endpoint to send emails

  • Message body is logged before sending to final endpoint, when debug option is active.

  • Control-Panel: Database name is displayed

  • Response of enricher handler is logged, when it could not be converted to the desired format

  • Extend Expressions with formatting functions to format numbers. → Format helper

  • Schema option added to SQL handlers

  • User handling: Username and password can be changed

  • Route tester: Enhanced editor for input data and output preview: Tab-Support, autocomplete and auto valdation of input data according to the selected payload converter.

  • Deactivated handlers are displayed more clearly


  • Quartz start point: input of between time is NaN

  • If decimal numbers coming from abas become too large, then they are cut off

  • When importing a route with the file start point, the import fails if the start point has no parameters



  • EDP Port can be specified with expressions

  • Regex support for file endpoints

  • Charset support for file endpoints added

  • Optimized memory management of routes with mock endpoint

  • Trim whitespaces in fields to avoid invalid field names

  • Enlarged test result window

  • Added restriction to quartz endpoint to only process one message at a time

  • Edp Endpunkt:Added sub editor support for infosystem actions



  • Added abort function to route editor

  • Added support for using nested properties in enricher handler


  • Shutdown did not work for unlicensed installations

  • Mustache template could not be edited in Firefox

  • Error when parsing invalid ports:Ports can now only be numeric and in a valid port range

  • Route start points were mixed when last route tab was closed

  • Editor crashed or routes where not found when using space-character as last character in a route name

  • abas connect logged everything twice

  • Route upload did not work in some linux installations

  • Empty property in enricher handler stored answer in a new property with an empty name

  • Timeout was not used when using the poll option of the enricher handler



  • Default port is now 8880

  • New route point handler:ListSortHandler

  • New route point handler:NullValueFilterHandler

  • New payload converter:"Fixed width flat file" for importing and exporting ASCII-formats with fixed length fields

  • New payload converter:"Mustache template" for using dynamic templates when exporting messages

  • Abas Update Converter + Abas Create Converter:Added optional order of written fields

  • Abas Update Converter + Abas Create Converter:Added FOP_MODE option

  • Added support for SQL:Select, Update, Insert

  • Secured application with a login

  • Edit and copy dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically

  • Added modal window for greater field size

  • Lists entry order in property adder can now be changed

  • EDP Timeout does also work when records are blocked

  • Added more details and information to csv export error messages

  • Added option for activating and deactivating route point handlers

  • EDP Password is now invisible

  • Drag & Drop File Route import

  • Added auto-update for imported routes from old versions

  • Property Adder:Allow override option is now enabled by default

  • Added route point handler template functionality

  • EdpQuery:Added options:Filing mode, by rows, search key

  • Renamed Page name:Home to Dashboard

  • Added windows gui for starting and stopping abas Connect

  • Added route name filter in error overview

  • Added alphabetical order in rph dropdown

  • External configuration is now optional

  • Added front end license page

  • Added download for multiple routes as zip file

  • Added new abas Connect logo

  • Performance optimizations

  • UI improvements


  • File permissions are set to undefined instead of empty if not specified

  • Route updater can now handle version different to format x.x.0

  • Correct routes with blocked start point are now stored correctly

  • Direct endpoint now works with missing slashes

  • Fixes bug when removing single errors

  • Lists that contain lists can now be stored correctly

  • Error messages that contain quotes can now be displayed

  • Removed non working Show whole doc" button

  • Safe shutdown after trial license expires

  • Route point handler without documentation do not show invalid documentatio anymore



  • Activated ListGroupHandler


  • Fixed bug in File Endpoint: chmod was added with "undefined" instead of "" when adding a new file endpoint

  • Fixed bug in File Endpoint:Could not use -, _, / or space in file path

  • Fixed bug in Route Updater, when not using a x.x.0 version.(Failed with 1.3.1 but not with 1.3.0)



  • Export a single route or all route at once

  • URLs in Enricher Handler support expressions

  • Property Adder Handler:Field names can be changed afterwards via double click

  • A specific error is shown instead of a generic error message when Route-Tester or Import of a route leads to an error

  • Renamed "Edit from…​" to "Edit…​"

  • Added internal update process for older routes to newer versions

  • New handler:Priority comparator

  • New handler:Validation Handler

  • Added HTTPS Support for Webservice endpoint

  • New Features in File Endpoint:

    • Option "Don’t delete":When checked, imported files are not deleted and imported again if the route is restarted or the file was changed

    • Option "Save backup version":Saves all imported files in a backup folder (inside the observed folder)

    • Option:"File permissions":Possibility to set the file persmissions of generated files when working on linux machines

  • Added Version Info in side-menu


  • CSV Payload Converter UI:Headers only visible when "useHeaders" was marked

  • Fixed "Clear List Button":Did not clear list in the background, only in the UI

  • EDP Component:Fixed Error when "data" field was missing in a sub editor update command

  • MapperHandler:If a field is missing, the field is ignored and not mapped with "null" as value

  • Fixed performance issue when changing note or description of a route point handler

  • Fixed Bug:File endpoint removes last character of the filepath when using optional options