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1. Overview

In Workflow Viewer, you can identify where a process is currently at: Based on the procedure defined in Workflow Designer, steps which have already been completed or take place in parallel are highlighted. Additionally, the process which is being worked on is highlighted in color. Authorized users (process administrators) can manually influence the process flow, if necessary.

To open Workflow Viewer, click the Globe button for an outstanding or finished task in Workflow Task Overview. To share the link with other employees, click the Share button. The link will be copied to the clipboard and you can easily insert it in all documents.

2. Using Viewer in the infosystem

You can also open Workflow Viewer through the Infosystem PROCESSENTER. To do so, define the BPM_VIEWER_URL environment variable and set the URL of Viewer, e.g.:
BPM_VIEWER_URL = https://demo.eu.abas.cloud/workflow/viewer
Then you can use the Show workflow diagram button in the infosystem to open Viewer.