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1. Product Information

You can use abas BPM to model and optimize your business processes. The Business Process Management solution provides all tools using which employees, customers, vendors, but also abas ERP and further systems can be permanently included in the design and optimization of business processes.

Defined workflows and their tasks are integrated into daily work routines and can be conveniently monitored via dashboards. This way you can establish sustainable, agile processes in your company.

More informations are available in the Extranet.

1.1. Workflow Task Overview

The Workflow Task Overview of abas BPM provides each process participant a manageable overview that bundles information relevant for the individual user and prompts them to complete pending work packages. The dashboard displays outstanding tasks for the specific user and offers them the option to start processing these tasks directly from the overview, after which, for example, the appropriate abas ERP screen will open automatically. In addition, a performance diagram displays the proportional distribution of tasks completed on time or too late by each user.

A detailed user manual for the Workflow Task Overview can be found here.

1.2. Workflow Viewer

In the abas BPM Workflow Viewer you can identify where a process is currently at with a single look: Based on the procedure defined in the Workflow Designer, completed as well as active process steps are marked and the step that is currently being processed is highlighted. Authorized users (Process Administrators) can manually influence the process flow if necessary.

A detailed user manual for the Workflow Viewer can be found here.

1.3. Workflow Designer

The abas BPM Workflow Designer is a graphical editor with which you can model and configure your workflows. This tool is intuitive to operate and provides common process mapping symbols in its toolbar, which can be applied quickly and easily per drag and drop. With procedures, tasks, dependencies, priorities, deadlines, and responsibilities defined and documented you can establish a crossdepartment overview of processes and structures that is both uniform and binding. The created workflows remain flexible and authorized users, such as the process owner, can adjust them to changing requirements at any time.

After a workflow has been modeled and released and defined trigger conditions for the process start are met, a workflow instance will be started. The Process Engine controls this instance and creates tasks for persons or person groups and automatically triggers system services.

A detailed user manual for the Workflow Designer can be found here.

1.4. Administration Overview

You can use Administration Overview to manage abas BPM. You can easily and quickly create new users and groups or edit and delete existing ones. Additionally, you can configure abas ERP triggers to start workflows automatically. Furthermore, access using the API key is configured in Administration Overview.

A detailed user manual for the Administration Overview can be found here.

2. Release notes

The latest version:

31.March 2019 - 1.0.0

General information:

  • abas BPM and all its components and dependencies will be installed and configured with a new installation process. During this process a new product "abas Installer" will be used.

  • A new authentification mechanism has been created and will be release for the On-Premises model. An open-source identity and access management solution "Keycloak" (https://www.keycloak.org/) is used.

  • abas BPM components have been renamed: Workflow Designer, Workflow Viewer, Workflow Task Overview und Administration Overview.

Workflow Designer:

  • The search terms can be resetted when opening workflows

  • More simple entry of candidate users and candidate groups. These can also be defined using dynamic values

  • Dynamic forms: Form fields can be sorted/moved

  • Dynamic forms: Form fields can be defined as read-only fields. This way, data from previous forms or data sources (for example, abas ERP) can be displayed.

  • Dynamic forms: New form field for providing key-value pairs. This way the data that is being shown and the actual value can be different.

  • Dynamic forms: New form field for numbers, which can be used for calculations. The previous number field, which in fact was a text value, remains.

Task Overview:

  • Dynamic forms: The date format uses the language format defined by the web browser

  • Dynamic forms: Read-only fields are displayed

  • The language "HU" (Hungarian) is supported.

Workflow Viewer:

  • The language "FR" (French) is supported.

  • The language "HU" (Hungarian) is supported.

  • The legend and the table can be hidden and made visible.


  • Update to abas installer 0.12.0 (Warning: You have to update your fop.txt)

Process Engine:

  • The latest process engine version is used (Upgrade from Camunda 7.7 to Camunda 7.10)

3. Setup, Installation & Update

This Installation Guide will help you with your abas BPM setup.

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